How to Gain Much More Customer Loyalty?


Are you really trying your best to keep your clients? Customer loyalty is such a challenging job particularly for a small company. Why? As you don't have a renowned huge title to make brand loyalty! Thus, let us see what you could do.

Originally, it is sensible to attempt and comprehend your client behavior before supplying anything. Otherwise, the attempt of keeping them faithful may be quite a waste. You'll have to analyse your clients' buying behaviours and understand why they buy from you. Of course, they might be made up of different market segments. If you don't know what your market segments are, you can create a questionnaire/survey. From the answers, try to identify and analyse the different segments.

Customer satisfaction

Be loyal to your own employees and they will be loyal to your customers.

Make your employees realise that customers are the reason they get paid every week. Perhaps, your business can pay the employees basic salary and extra commission for every single thing that they sell to customers?

Provide your employees with training, development and other customer service resources and they'll be qualified to provide exceptional professional customer service.


As a small business, it's very difficult to create loyalty program if your business itself is not ethical. Customers need to trust you and your business before any loyalty programs really work!

Customer complaints

Many view customers complaints as negative signs for a business. If you can make good use of your customers complains, it can be an actual advantage to your business. Find out why your customer is not satisfied with your product or service, compensate them and make improvement changes to your products/services immediately.

Focus on your current customer

Let your customers know what kind of services/products you can offer them. Often, many existing customers may use only one product/service of yours, without realising you have other products/services which also can be useful to them.

Also, you can try offers your existing customer with post out/ email catalogue.

After Sales service

Contact your customers after they have purchased your product or used your service. This can be done in a post-out survey form, follow-up call or simply an email survey form.

Build up relationships with your existing customers

A Greetings card is another way of entice your existing customer coming back to you. Perhaps, you can send your customer a greetings card on their birthday, Christmas or New Year? This is to remind them of the existence of your company and that you still remember them. In return, they will value you and your company. It's also a way to keep in touch and strengthen the relationship with your clients.

Use "You" as the customer perspective rather than "we"

If there are newsletters or articles provided by your company, make sure you mention"you" because the client perspective. Your clients would like to understand what they can do or gain out of your company when they come to you. They are not thinking about what your businesses or workers can do generally.

Extra Customer Loyalty Programs:

Your company should target the ideal market segments in supplying customer loyalty applications. By way of instance, it's futile to benefit your clients with infant goods if they're not current parents.

Membership program

- Special deals for example discounts, free deliveries or buy 1 get 1 free.

Rewards program

- Provide free / discounted presents based on the number of points your client collects.

Produce Community

- As a sponsorship: allow the regional men and women understand your company a part of the neighborhood

- Sponsor neighborhood actions or campaigns.

If you have a web business, it doesn't imply that you can not build customer loyalty plans.